History and Overview of the Department


The Department’s profile and objectives


The Department of Social Anthropology at Panteion University was established in 2004 and is today the only university department in the country that offers exclusively a degree in social anthropology.

The department’s primary objective is to develop studies in social and cultural anthropology with a special emphasis on the emergent as well as the core issues and tools related to theory, methodology and ethnography in the analysis of the comparative diversity of societies and cultures. In this regard, the department aims to provide students with the necessary theoretical and methodological knowledge base and skills for an anthropological perspective in the comparative research, analysis and interpretation of social and cultural phenomena.

More specifically, the department places a special emphasis on the analysis of social, economic and political institutions, symbolic and linguistic representations, the social construction of gender, the structure of kinship systems, the processes involved in the construction of cultural identity and the formation of ethnic and religious groups, as well as the analysis of education mechanisms, migration flows and health structures. In addition, the department considers of utmost importance the development of scientific collaborations and exchanges with other academic institutions and is actively involved in common academic and research programs involving countries of the general Mediterranean, the Balkans, Southeastern Europe, neighboring Islamic societies, as well as countries in the western part of the world.

Toward these objectives, the department has developed the following general thematic areas of study:

  • Anthropology of Greece and Neighboring Societies (Europe, the Mediterranean, the Balkans, the Middle East)
  • Anthropology of Health and Biopolitics (gender, kinship, health, new technologies, the body, age and aging, food and nutrition)
  • Interculturalism and the politics of culture (education, migration, tourism, space and environment, material culture, museums, visual anthropology, ethnomusicology, anthropology and archaeology)
  • Methodology of Social Anthropology
  • Globalization: Social and Economic Aspects




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