The Department of Social Anthropology, together with the Departments of Sociology and Psychology, constitute the Faculty of Social Sciences at Panteion University.


Dean of the Faculty: Prof. Alexandra Koronaiou
Head of Department: Assoc. Prof. Eirini Tountasaki
Director of the Postgraduate Program: Assoc. Prof. Diana Riboli
Director of the Laboratory of Anthropological Research: Prof. Athena Athanasiou
Departmental Secretary:  Maria Tzanoudaki

Governing Bodies of the Department:

Departmental Assembly: The Departmental Assembly is the supreme governing and academic body of the Department and decides on its research and academic policy.

Departmental Assembly for Postgraduate Studies: The Departmental Assembly for Postgraduate Studies oversees and decides on all matters related to postgraduate studies (Master’s and Ph.D. Programs).

Steering Committee for Postgraduate Studies:

Diana Riboli, Associate Professor (Director of the Postgraduate Program)
Giorgos Tsimouris, Associate Professor (Deputy Director of the Postgraduate Program)
Eirini Tountasaki, Associate Professor (Head of Department)
Dimitra Kofti, Assistant Professor
Andreas Notaras, Assistant Professor


Heads of Department (from the Department’s establishment to date)

1 Dimitra Gefou-Madianou 2003-2007
2 Eleni Papagaroufali 2007-2009
3 Gerasimos Makris 2009-2011
4 Eleni Papagaroufali 2011-2013
5 Giorgos Tsimouris 2013-2015
6 Athena Athanasiou 2015-2017
7 Leonidas Economou 2017-2020





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