"Social and Cultural Anthropology"

Postgraduate Studies in “Social and Cultural Anthropology”



The department’s postgraduate program in Social and Cultural Anthropology is a two-year program, aiming to provide the necessary specialized knowledge and training to those interested in using an anthropological perspective in the study of social and cultural phenomena, in contemporary societies. As students engage in the theoretical and ethnographic dimensions of specialized areas of anthropological work, they acquire the more advanced analytical and methodological tools of anthropology, for in-depth comparative analyses of the complex issues and problems confronting Greek and other societies.

The department’s key areas of specialization are:

  • Anthropology and material culture
  • Gender studies, biopolitics, culture theory
  • Anthropology of migration and refugee studies
  • Anthropology of religion
  • Anthropology of conflict and violence
  • Indigenous studies, ethnomedicine
  • Anthropology of music and popular culture
  • Nationalism, ethnicity, diaspora
  • Anthropology of the body and health
  • Anthropology of kinship
  • Economic anthropology
  • Political anthropology
  • Urban anthropology

Our regional interests include the Balkans, Southeast Europe and the former Soviet Union, as well as countries in the Middle East, North Africa and South and Southeast Asia, in addition to Greece.



Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program “Gender, Society, Politics”


The Department of Social Anthropology is a collaborating department in the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program “Gender, Society, Politics”. Other departments included in this postgraduate program are: the Department of Sociology, the Department of Communication, Media and Culture, the Department of International, European and Regional Studies, and the Department of Public Administration. This one-year program was developed to underline the importance of using an interdisciplinary perspective in order to better understand the social, cultural, political and historical specificity of gender, as well as the processes through which society, politics, culture and knowledge are constituted from gendered power relations.



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