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Greeting to new students and visitors of the site

The tea.ifferentrent societies and fifferent regions of the world. ffected our university. Despite this very difficult situation facingWWching, research and administrative staff welcomes you to the Department of Social Anthropology.

Social anthropology focuses on the critical inquiry and situated knowledge of social phenomena, in all their multiplicity and multivocality on local, translocal, and transnational levels, in different contexts and regions of an increasingly globalized world.

Our department fosters innovative research methodologies and interdisciplinary theoretical reflection. Through a self-reflexive, critical inquiry of imagined constructions of “us” and “them”, anthropology aims to unsettle and deconstruct deeply entrenched biases, discriminations, and power relations regarding “cultural difference”, regardless of whether these are linked to ethnicity, gender, social class, or physical dis/ability. Anthropology’s core methodology has long been ethnographic fieldwork, a complex and multilayered methodology that requires of the researcher to become engaged with the lives of those studied, without objectifying and “othering” them.

During the course of your studies, the Department of Social Anthropology will provide you with the specialized knowledge for a critical rethinking of questions and issues preoccupying the field today. You will come across different people, points of view and writings, that we hope will sharpen your critical social awareness. You will become members of a wider academic community and an ongoing laboratory of critical thinking, open to the society at large.

In the recent years of the economic crisis, the teaching, research and administrative staff of our university have all felt an increased sense of responsibility to maintain a high level of education for our students, in collaboration with the international academic community. We hope that you join us in this effort and that you find in our department a supportive and inspiring academic environment.


Leonidas Oikonomou
Head of Department 






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